Today’s Drawing is…

My daughter’s sketchbook Cover! Subliminal I think!

It is officially 2016 and it is time to get serious about drawing.  I haven’t drawn seriously for over 10 years now.  I didn’t hate drawing I just changed my career focus and need to figure out another way to pay the bills.   I have used that time to focus on my full time career as a Graphic and Web Designer.  I have learned and experienced a lot over the last decade but I think it is time to refocus on my natural drawing abilities and blend it with my current career.  I recently decided that I will try my best to force myself to draw Every Day!  I hope.  It can be a sketch in my drawing pad, full blown illustration, digital sketch or anything drawing related.  I started a little early but I also already missed a few days due to holidays, kids and work.  Hopefully  365 days from now I will have 365  drawings to show for.

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Great Stuff: Wacom Intuos Pro Medium (PTH-651)

Fiiiiinally!!!! The Intuos has Come!!! … To my desktop!! Pardon my messy desk.

So, it is officially 2016 and a few days have passed.  I have been waiting a few days for this very special package.  I can honestly say I have been waiting almost a decade for this moment.  I can finally say I own a Wacom Tablet! I know some of you are baffled at how excited I am about a damn pen tablet.

Well I have a little history with the Wacom tablet.  I remember the first time I really was able to work with a Wacom tablet.  I was at an internship job in “The City” over a decade ago and one of the Designers that worked there brought his own personal Wacom Tablet to work every day.  From that day I was hooked Continue reading